Dofus Arena


Become the greatest master of Amakna


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Based on the famous and well-known Dofus fighting system, Dofus Arena is an adapted version for player vs player tactical battles.

At first, each player must create a team made of characters armed with spells, weapons and items before they can face opponents in a 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 mode, battling in the arenas which hide many surprises.

Dofus-Arena is a new version for the classic and successful game. In Dofus Arena there’s not such thing as an ultimate team. A player can win with several types of teams. Bonus and malus to the damage are in percentages.

Obviously the goal of the game is to become the first one in the Dofus Arena ladder, with the greatest look that you’ll get with your coach cards!
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